[Sưu tầm] I'm young! I'm smart! Why Not Me?

Đây là bài viết từ sếp của mình từ công ty thực tập, thấy hay hay nên copy mang về mà ngẫm, ngẫm cho ra được lí do vì sao mình hay bị thất nghiệp :D

Working in BPO industry gives you a chance to work with so many young talented 9x fellows, who thirst for success and achievement, and always ask for challenges.

It is great to see such an adrenaline boost to the organization and that Vietnamese youth is now so confident and pro-active, whilst as the same time makes me embarrassed to say no to them sometimes and the real reasons behind.

So if you are a fresh undergraduates, here it is, the number One reason why your senior might give you a No when you asked for a more advanced challenge:

Good-Enough is not Perfect. Never. Ever.

Let's look at the 2 simple presentation slides below for comparison:

Can you see the differences? Most 9x don't, and even if they can, they ask me why do I care so much about the alignment of text, color codes, chart numbers, footer and the name harmony, i.e. such small different details between chart 1.1 and chart 1.3?
The Devil is in the detail...

I care, because in BPO industry, most meetings are delivered via conference call, and such small details in materials like that can save tons of everyone's time to understand what is what and who is talking about where. And though it cost you a few minutes, it shows your professionalism towards your partners. And it's surprising to find out that this logic does not appeal to the majority of young staffs, including so many simple small topics, among which are writing an email without title, organizing a meeting with no prior agenda and later memo, coding a Sign-up Page with no field, or cannot search the latest email regarding the current project that has the required attachment.

Maybe as the matter of fact that our 9x lives in the world of NOW, eating KFC at lunch, dropping by convenient stores for sundries and catching up with friends by Facebook, for most of them, everything comes at ease in sound speed, and thus, they love to multi-task, to jump from tasks to tasks on a frequent basis. This is quite good regarding the progression, but sometimes might leave scatters along the way. And while the senior is here collecting scatters for them, they get themselves out of the task already, ready for yet another challenge, and wondering why the old man make a fuss over such small things.
... So look until you can see it

So what is it, the Perfection that I am talking about? I recall working with a colleague on a database job about one year ago. The task was simple, you extract data from a tool, then data from another tool, and compare them for the difference. On week 1, he was 20% behind the quota, it was the same for the next 5, or 6 weeks, and I started thinking that this guy will be the pain of the team until when he gave me a tool to do it automatically. It saved us 30% total processing time! This 30% is that Perfection, the Perfection of not following a Map just because you are given it, but pour your heart and soul into the job, dig it, breath it, bring the best out of it. And this guy, at that time, was given a more advanced task. And I have no doubt about his achievement in the future, no matter which industry or company that he chooses to work in.
So what?

So, until when you can show everyone that you are doing your job with 101% of your attention and perfection, you will not be given the chance for the job that you fancy. It is not because you are not worthy. It is because you do not love your current job enough. It is that simple.


Thanh-An LE NGUYEN (@Pleasure2Work) is working as an Engagement Leader forOfficience, an outsourcing company striving to help companies around the globe make the best benefit out of globalization, from ITO, BPO to Data Crunching.


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