[Tiếng Hàn] Active Korean 1

Active Korean 1 + CD
Author: Seoul National University Language Institute
Publisher: Moonjinmedia
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 8953912296
Number of pages: 151
Format / Quality: pdf / good
Size: 9.76 + 28.43

Seoul National University presents an ideal series for short-term Korean study!

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ACTIVE KOREAN series developed by the Language Education Institute of Seoul National University, help learners develop their communicative skills in Korean in effective ways within a short period of time.

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book
Scope and Sequence

UNIT 1 Hangul (Korean Alphabet)
UNIT 2 Greeting and Introduction
UNIT 3 Restaurant
UNIT 4 Shopping
UNIT 5 Daily Activities
UNIT 6 Time
UNIT 7 Appointment
UNIT 8 Location and Direction
UNIT 9 Telephone

Grammar Reference
Listening Transcript


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